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Front End Course Creation

Easy to user interface for creating and editing courses from the Site Front end panel.


Members, Activity, Groups and Course directory which comes with filtering and sorting capability.


Track how many students started the quiz in your courses and dashboards


So, you may have essay type questions which you want to evaluate ?

Touch points

Automatically send emails, messages, notifications to user on various action points.

Course Applications

Check student progress in realtime in Courses and instructor dashboards


    My Pertamina Promo 300

    September 16,2021 / Mading Kelas / 0 Comments

    Bulan September makin ceria, dengan promo baru dari MyPertamina! Nikmati harga lebih hemat...

    Hari Merdeka Dahsyat Hematnya

    Agustus 18,2021 / Mading Kelas / 0 Comments

    Ada yang spesial di bulan Agustus spesial Kemerdekaan Republik Indonesia nih, sob! Ayo siapa di...

    Hari Merdeka Dahsyat Hematnya

    Agustus 02,2021 / Mading Kelas / 0 Comments

    Kabar baik menuju Hari Kemerdekaan! Promo hemat dahsyat hingga Rp 300,-/liter resmi...

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